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What Do I Tell My Child?

“I don’t know when the best time is to talk to my child about some of things I know we need to discuss. I want to make sure she isn’t wondering about something and is having a hard time asking about it.” Talking with your child about the illness and treatment Right about now you probably either feel like there is so much ta read more »

Talking with Your Child

“It’s so hard to get my child to open up. How can I get her to talk about what she is feeling?” When you are facing yet another development in your child’s illness or the reality that her condition is worsening, how do you get your child to talk about how she is feeling? Perhaps she is feeling too sick right now or too angr read more »

Increasing Pain, What Does It Mean?

“I am worried that my son’s increased pain means that he is getting worse.” No matter what age your child is, when he feels pain, you most likely feel it too. No matter what the diagnosis, there will probably be episodes of discomfort and pain from the illness or from the treatments that are intended to improve his condition. But read more »

Problems with Eating and Nausea

“I’m worried that my child is not interested in eating. What can I do to help his appetite and frequent nausea?” Food is often the daily “centering” activity of our lives as children and adults. It serves many functions for many busy families. We gather over it, talk about it, spend time shopping and cooking, and gain read more »

Writing the Obituary – What is it? What do I say?

“I miss my son so much I can hardly breathe. How can they expect me to write his obituary when I am not even ready to say good-bye. Can I get some help with what to say?” The death of a child is traumatic and painful. It is unnatural. Our children are supposed to outlive us. Although thinking about making the final arrangements and wri read more »

Please Don’t Ask Me How I’m Feeling

“People keep asking me how I’m feeling, like I had the flu. My child died and some days I feel everything and other days nothing at all. My body hurts, my heart aches, the loss is so deep and so great that just getting out of bed is at times impossible. Feelings? Please don’t ask me how I’m feeling, unless you really want t read more »

Explaining Cremation to Children

“Explaining death to children is hard enough, but what do I say when a child asks me what cremation is?” Cremation can be explained to children if and when they ask; just remember to follow each unique child’s lead and use words he or she will understand.   FOLLOW THE LEAD OF EACH UNIQUE CHILD   If there is one rule of read more »

A Kaleidoscope of Feelings

“It feels like I have been on an emotional roller-coaster since my son died. I don’t even know what I am feeling anymore. My moods and feelings change every day—sometimes every minute. Is this normal?”   The death of a child in our lives brings about many feelings. Many of us feel guilty about our parenting and look fo read more »

Embracing Disability: A Remarkable Opportunity for Awakening

“My days are filled with the heartbreak and exhaustion one would expect from the experience of slowly losing a child, but they are also infused with wonder, gratitude and beauty.” As the mother of a terminally-ill teenage boy, I’ve the last six years as a round-the-clock caregiver, grieving mother, meditation student and leader o read more »

Making Memories

“I want to create as many memories as possible during these times – things I can keep forever.” Instructions for Handprints and/or Footprints Handprints are like snowflakes- each is unique in the entire world. They are evidence of that preciousness of some we have cherished, long after they are no longer physically with us. These read more »

Stress on Marriage and Relationships

“With the stress from our child’s diagnosis, our marriage is suffering. There is so much pressure on both of us, I am afraid the whole thing is tearing us apart. Is this normal?” Parents of children with special needs (such as health, emotional, or behavioral conditions) often experience a complex array of feelings, including sad read more »

Medical Terminology – A Whole New Language

“Most of the time, I don’t understand what the doctors are talking about. They talk so fast and use so many words and phrases that I don’t know the meaning of ; how am I supposed to make sense of all of this if we are not speaking the same language?” HISTORY AND PHYSICAL (H+P): This is the official written documentation and read more »

Funeral Planning

I have never planned a funeral. In fact I have never even been to a funeral and now I am faced with the overwhelming task of planning something loving and meaningful for my child. How do I begin? What are my options? Do I have to use a traditional funeral home?” Arranging a child’s funeral is a job for which no parent can be prepared. read more »

Helping When Your Child is in Pain

"I cannot bear to see my child in pain, and I feel so helpless. What can I do to support her? How can I support her and not fall apart myself?” As a parent, you want to protect you children from everything that can harm them. You teach them not to talk to strangers. You make them look both ways before they cross the street. But sometimes the read more »